Empowering people through restoring our planet

Our Mission

Sayari Earth is an impact driven social enterprise. Our mission is to increase community well-being through restoring the planet.

Our vision

For people and nature to universally thrive together.

Habitat Restoration

We develop large, nature-based carbon removal projects that enhance community livelihoods and biodiversity.

Community Impact

Community ownership, livelihoods and rights are at the heart of what we do. Carbon markets are the enabler.


We’re a social enterprise at the frontier pioneering new carbon removal methodologies and the use of digital technology to build high-quality projects.

Blue Carbon

We are innovating in the oceanic and freshwater methods and project design space.

The problem we’re trying to solve

The planetary crisis requires humanity to transform with urgency and intensity. Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement requires society to remove 500 billion tonnes of CO2 by 2100. We do not have enough land for this. We must also go oceanic. Oceans cover 72% of the planet’s surface and have absorbed close to half of the CO2 emitted since 1850. Oceans are in decline. Our goal is to industrialise planetary nature restoration through partnerships, technology and driving incentives to community stewards of lands and oceans.

Our Solution

Sayari Earth is a people-centred nature restoration company building on 20+ cumulative years of experience working with communities in carbon markets. Driven by a vision of people and nature universally thriving together, we achieve carbon removals through:

1. Community-led habitat restoration
2. Regenerative agriculture
3. Innovation especially in blue carbon.

We develop carbon removal projects on land that can extend to sea, and are building methodologies to speed this up. We are innovating new technology, and social impact methods to impact communities transformationally. We believe strongly in partnerships to amplify speed, scale and quality.

Our team of experts is purpose-driven, experienced, committed to our stakeholder needs and obsessed with impact. Whether you’re looking to offset your carbon footprint, or develop carbon credits on your land, Sayari Earth can help.

Our Approach

Sayari Earth is built upon decades of experience at the forefront of carbon project development with communities. Our approach has been honed and uses a collaborative, partnership-based approach to enduring quality, speed and scale. We exist to serve communities, governments, landowners and NGOs to benefit both people and the planet. We use cutting edge earth observation and AI technology to accelerate project development working across scale.