The world needs to get to NET ZERO to protect people.

Planetary scale carbon removals are needed to stay under 1.5 degrees C. Nature can provide the majority of removals needed at scale, now and affordably.


‘Sayari’ means planet in Kiswahili: a Kenyan national language. So our name means ‘Planet Earth’. Our story begins with reverence for the natural world in sustaining life on earth. We were founded by Dr. Hassan Sachedina, a Kenyan-born career conservationist, who has spent the last 26 years working on solutions for people and nature to thrive together. After a PhD on community conservation in Tanzania, Hassan became employee #3 at Wildlife Works then went on to found BCP ( and lead it for 10 years as CEO. During that time, he met Joke Hoffman, BCP’s COO for 5 years. Together, they built BCP into one of the world’s largest and most impactful forest carbon developers, impacting over 250,000 people and co-managing 1.2 million hectares in Africa. The removals sector is under-developed and needs pioneering technical and operations specialists to help scale it. Sayari Earth’s management team is one of the most experienced in the nature-based carbon sector with over 20+ years of cumulative executive level experience in carbon project development.

We are experts in our field

Our team consists of experts important to the success of carbon projects. This includes earth observation, carbon science, program management, social science, operations, finance & administration and sales and marketing. Our team is devoted to developing the highest quality nature-based carbon projects in the world. As a social enterprise, our team is comprised of people who want to impact people and nature, and who specialise in applying the latest in technology and sustainable finance to solve environmental and social problems.

We are proud that our team are all African born. If you are purpose-driven, want to grow, be challenged and make a difference, please consider joining our team!

Our Goals

Sayari Earth’s goals by 2034 are to impact 9 million people across 45 million hectares. By leveraging our technology platforms and partnerships we aim to accelerate the world’s transition to a conservation economy. These goals are ambitious, but speed and scale are critical to the planetary crisis.